Blinkster 185, I've finally started acting my age ... time to watch some television!


how to choose a cable company

i just recently moved to a new place in brooklyn. Finding this place was a huge hassle. We probably spend a good month going through various apartment brokers and referrals. Fortunately we found a decent place in a great location for an amazing price. And to be honest that's how I rank things. Location for me is everything. If I want a palace I'd move out to Texas.

Anyways we're setting stuff up like utilities and such. One thing that we have been debating is which cable television provider to go with. Right now in my particular neighborhood there is Cablevision and Comcast. Comcast is obviously the 800 pound gorilla in the market. hell, they now own NBC Universal! Cablevision is more of a regional provider. Right now their pricing is basically the same, roughly $60 for a "standard" plan and "triple play" running in the low 3 figures. I'm curious though to see if they decide to throw in anything extra. Maybe Comcast could offer a special price on NBC content over the internet.  Or cablevision could offer free tickets to some of the sports teams they own. who knows. And who knows if it will be considered kosher by the FCC and various regulatory bodies. It seems that the cable market will naturally tend towards the biggest provider (that being comcast.) Imagine if they made NBC an exclusive channel!